KC Travel is a full service agency, affiliated to Nexion and the Jurni Network. These affiliations allow us to offer you unparalleled vacation options at competitive prices, and at the same time, personalized service almost unheard of in this age of self-booking engines, interactive voice response systems, and off-shoring.

Some people say that travel agents have become obsolete. The reality is that  a good travel agent can give you invaluable advice, can recommend the best choices for your needs, and can, more often than not, get the same or better prices than what’s found online. But the true value of travel agents is what we can do when things don’t go exactly as planned. Our objective is to have a long term business relationship with you, and the only way to do that is to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

In this blog, I will write about many different travel related topics. Occasionally, I will mention current travel offers that I think you’ll find interesting. One thing you will not find is posts with just a travel promotion. I will always provide you context or opinions on these deals, and they will usually be related to something else I’m writing about.

I hop you find this blog informative. Please feel free to bookmark it and come back often. Comments are always appreciated.


Enrique Brener

KC Travel


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  1. I’m looking to plan a trip sometime within the next 3-5 months, however I do not want to plan it myself. I’ve never used a travel agent before. How does this work and what are prices?

  2. I will be happy to help you plan your trip. It’s very common these days for people to be overloaded with information, so travel agents are actually enjoying a resurgence. The process is simple: You let us know what you want, we add are own expertise and recommendations, and you get a proposal. As for prices, they are usually the same or lower than what you’d get booking direct or through other websites.

    I’m following up on an email so we can discuss what you need.

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