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Norwegian Sky

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend the weekend aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Sky. I would like to share my impression of the trip. I have sold NCL cruises before, of course, but until a couple of years ago, only on request. I used to get very inconsistent feedback from clients, in terms of service, quality of the food, etc. Consequently, I only sold them by request.

NCL Sky from Great Stirrup Cay

That started to change a couple of years ago with the launch of their Freestyle 2.0 initiative, as well as the launch of their newer ships, like the Gem, Jewel, etc. I started to get more requests for these ships, and NCL in general, and clients usually came back very satisfied.

I can’t really compare my cruise on the Sky with my previous cruises, though. This is the oldest and smallest ship I’ve cruised on, and it was the shortest itinerary as well (other than pre-inaugurals). Nothing wrong with that, but you can’t compare the Sky with Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas (not to mention the Oasis) or Celebrity’s Solstice.

Here are some of my impressions on the ship:

Passengers were a mixed of young couples (incidentally, I hadn’t see so many tattoos since I accidentally went to Daytona during Bike Week), a couple of large family groups, some ladies groups traveling together, and your assorted 40 to 50-something couple, international tourists (mostly Argentinian and Brazilian, from what I could hear), small families, etc. People were well behaved, we didn’t see any public drunkenness or any loud or obnoxious behavior.

The ship is very nice in some areas, but the decor is not as polished in others, in my opinion. I liked the decor of the Crossings restaurant, not so much the Palace restaurant, but that’s just a matter of taste. The age of the ship is more apparent in areas that don’t seem to have been renovated, like the public restrooms, for example.
In general, common areas seem well maintained and very nice. However, once you start looking at the details, some parts show their wear.

The pool area was as popular as ever, but with no days at sea, it wasn’t difficult to find a chair.

We had a balcony cabin, which I think was smaller than the other ones we’ve been on (not surprised by this, though). It had the usual furniture, including a small couch and small TV (no flat screens yet).The ship only does 3 and 4 day itineraries (from Miami to the Bahamas), so storage space was sufficient for what we brought. Norwegian’s Freestyle Dining program helps with the packing as well, since there are no formal nights (so no suits are needed). One design flaw that bothered me is that the reading lights behind the bed are too low, so you either have to out a pillow against them or risk a bump in the head!

Balcony Cabin

The balcony has railings rather than a glass panel, which may be a consideration if you’re traveling with children.

Food was OK. Nothing spectacular, but nothing inedible either. We gave it a 6 or 7 out of 10 on average

We had lunch and breakfast at the buffet, which was OK quality and what was expected for a buffet. The food serving area is small and can get cramped, but they have another line in the adjacent outside restaurant. Tables are hard to come by during breakfast, but you can also take your food to the sports bar across the hall, and servers would proactively show people the way to ensure everyone was seated as quickly as possible.

Palace Restaurant

We had 2 dinners at the Crossings main restaurant. The food was pretty good, except for one dish of tortellini with cream sauce, which was too “floury”. Otherwise, the flavors were good, and service was attentive and friendly. We went after 8pm both nights and were seated immediately. I never saw a wait for the main restaurants, and the screens on several common areas alert guests of how full all the dining venues are. Premium restaurants filled up quickly, especially in the first and last nights, so plan accordingly.
The third night we had dinner at the sports bar, which serves “comfort food”, like chicken fingers, etc. We had the fish and chips, which was pretty decent. Fries come straight out of the main buffet line, so they are thin, not the thicker ones you usually get with fish and chips
The only noteworthy thing about the buffet is they always have vegetarian selections (so do the other restaurants), and they have a crepe station (so so) and an ice cream and chocolate fountain station (no way you can screw that up!)

Perhaps the low point of the cruise was the shows. We went to the musical review the first night and left halfway through. The other 2 were scheduled at 8:30, which is while we were having dinner, so we didn’t go to them. There was only 1 show scheduled per night, plus the usual karaoke, newlywed game, etc.
One weird thing about the ship’s layout is the disco is an open space on deck 6, between the atrium and the theater. I don’t know how they control access to those over 18 only (after 11pm), as we left before 11. One nice thing is they had latin music earlier for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, and we had a good time there.

If I have to complain about something, it was the lack of attention to detail in some areas. Nothing that would ruin your vacation, but things I would not have expected to see, like:

  • Paint splattered on the balcony railing that could have easily been cleaned
  • A wine order that was not taken until we had the salads served and wine that arrived when we were already having the main course
  • A napkin on a bread basket in the main restaurant that had ketchup on it. It was in plain view and wouldn’t have taken any time or effort to change it for a clean one.
  • One thing that did bother me was the remote control was not just dirty, but really filthy. I had to ask then to exchange it, and the steward kept insisting it wasn’t dirty. I had to tell him it didn’t work for him to bring another one. No reason to have something that everybody touches be that dirty.

All in all it was a good experience and I’d do it again with the right mindset. I have posted more pictures on our facebook page. Please visit and become a fan.

If you guys have any questions, shoot away!


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