Royal Caribbean Improves Family and Youth Programs

Royal Caribbean is widely regarded as a family-oriented cruise line. It’s advertising strategies, both the recent Get Out There, and the current Nation of Why Not, place a strong emphasis on the active lifestyle that drives teens and young families to their ships.

Now the cruise has set itself to improve on their programs for families and young passengers. One of the few turn offs or challenges for parents who take young children on a cruise is to get them to sit through a lengthy dinner. Until now, the options have been to try to have children behave through a meal that lasts longer than an hour, or resign oneself to eat at the buffet every night. My Family Time Dining changes hat by aiming to help kids complete dinner within 45 minutes, freeing parents to enjoy coffee and desert at their leisure. Once seated, kids will get expedited service and will be immediately served. My Family Time Dining will only be available during the first seating in the main dining room, for kids registered in the complimentary Adventure Ocean youth program. After dinner, children will be met by Adventure Ocean counselors and escorted back to the Adventure Ocean spaces for ongoing evening activities. In addition, Royal Caribbean has a new children’s menu with healthier options that will be presented on brain-teasing placemats designed by Fisher-Price for kids up to age 7 and a more mature interactive menu for kids age 8 to 13. My Family Time Dining and children’s menu options will be available fleetwide in July.

H2O Zone Children's Pool on Freedom of the Seas

H2O Zone Children's Pool on Freedom of the Seas

Royal Caribbean is also offering new programs for babies 6 to 18 months old, and 18 to 36 months, with more activities and services. They will also allow parents to pre-order organic baby food, diapers, creams,. etc. through their website for delivery to their stateroom.

For active families, Royal Caribbean is dedicating its jogging tracks to parents with strollers (in the mornings). For more artsy children, there will be 45-minute sessions at Adventure Ocean oriented towards creating works of art using Crayola products. Another option for young children is the Adventure Family Library section within the onboard library. The section offers classic and popular family titles in a variety of languages, based on the ship’s itinerary, and a comfortable reading area for kids. In the evenings, Royal Bedtime Stories invites the family for a bedtime story and lullabies. Children are encouraged to dress in their pajamas and enjoy a cookie or two with milk, while an Adventure Ocean counselor reads a storybook.

The line also is extending hours in the Adventure Ocean and teen-only spaces. Scheduled programming will now run everyday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. (extended from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.) .

You will be able to enjoy these activities on any of Royal Caribbean’s ships. However, the most populars for families remain the Freedom class (Freedom, Liberty, and Independence of the Seas) and the new and even larger Oasis of the Seas.

If you would like to explore what Royal Caribbean can offer you and your family, please contact us.


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