Norwegian Cruise Lines Welcomes You Aboard

I have to admit Norwegian Cruise Lines has never been among my favorites cruise lines. It seems that for every good experience someone has aboard an NCL ship, there’s a negative one. However, they seem to be improving. Feedback I’ve received from clients in the last year has been much more weighted to the positive side of the balance. This does not come through coincidence. Norwegian has been working on improving its service and the overall quality of its product for the last year or so.

Norwegian’s difference from most other cruise lines is its emphasis on doing whatever you want whenever you want. They call it Freestyle Cruising. The most obvious place where you experience Freestyle is the dining rooms. Your are not tied to having dinner at a specific time, or in a specific restaurant, as you are with most lines. You can choose among several options, some of which incur an additional cost. Feedback from recent clients suggests that it’s worth it to pay for the premium restaurants, as the food is much better.

Norwegian’s improvements have focued on making Freestyle better. They call it Freestyle 2.0. The main points are:

  • As you board the ship, you receive a complimentary glass of champagne
  • Upgraded bath and body products
  • Fresh fruits delivered to your stateroom daily
  • Expanded kid’s crew hours
  • Twice weekly lobster in the main restaurants
  • Upgraded mattresses, linens, and pillows
  • Seaday Jazz Brunch

Now Norwegian has added a Welcome Aboard cruise guide. The 21-page booklet includes information on the itinerary, stateroom, deck plans, advice  on what to pack, and cruise information in general. It also includes personalized luggage tags. This booklet reverts the decision Norwegian made a couple of years ago to issue only electronic documents that had to be printed at home. It obviously makes cruisers feel better about who they are traveling with and anticipate the cruise more eagerly.

If that’s not enough, Norwegian also released a press release last week announcing that customers who purchase the now improved travel protection plan when they book their cruise, will be eligible for a full refund (minus the cost of the policy) if they have to cancel because of a job loss.

If you want to take advantage of their offers, I’ll be happy to find the right cruise for you. Their current promotion is below:

NCL Freestyle Promotion


Enrique Brener
KC Travel
N. Miami Beach, FL
FL Seller of Travel Reg. TI-35171


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