News from Continental

Last week there were two interesting press releases from Continental Airlines. The first one announced the introduction of paperless check-in.  Single passengers traveling on non-stop, domestic flights, from certain airports, will be able to get their boarding passes e-mailed to their mobile phones or PDA’s when checking in on Continental’s website.When going through security, the boarding pass will be displayed on the phone and scanned to validate the person’s identity. American Airlines is also testing this technology in 3 airports.

The second one announced the first test in the U.S. of a commercial airplane powered by biofuel. As in previous tests done by Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand, the fuel used is a mixture of algae and jathropa oil. The biofuel was used in a 50%mixture to fuel one of the plane’s two engines. The important detail on the plants used is that they are sustainable and don’t deplete food sources, as corn does, for example.

I’m more excited about the second announcement than the first. To be honest, I don’t really see the benefit of the electronic boarding pass. With e-tickets, there is a real benefit compared to paper tickets. If you lost a paper ticket, you either had to buy a new ticket or submit paperwork for a replacement ticket, and it was a slow and expensive process. With paper boarding passes, the worst that can happen is to have to get another one at the airport.

The use of boifuel, though, even if it’s in its infancy, is a promising development. Hopefully it will eventually replace the use of fossil fuels in airplanes.

Enrique Brener
KC Travel
N. Miami Beach, FL
FL Seller of Travel Reg. TI-35171


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